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Dear Fashion Friends:

I was on Twitter, and I came across this beautiful Plus Size White Party Dress from the lovely world of Aleya Collections (as listed on the www.aleyacollections.com website. See the photo below). What caught my attention was the lace pattern. Isn’t it charming? I have posted some fantastic lace patterns from the wedding fashion worlds of Galia Lahav and Tania Maras on Instagram and Twitter. Still, I cannot recall seeing such an enchanting lace pattern design on a party mini dress. It works so well. What about the model? She is divine. She has that “Free Spirit” look that I adore. Her choice of jewelry is impeccable, her selection of makeup captivating. She looks ready to attend an early summer soirée. I can see her hobnob with friends while drinking a glass of chilled white wine. Dianne, a wonderful friend of mine on Twitter, said this about the dress: “I think it’s my favorite. Cocktails in Martha’s Vineyard!!!” (@dikell3 in correspondence with the author, May 27, 2020). Well said, Dianne!

Alas, I never had the good fortune of traveling to Martha’s Vineyard. I can, however, dream what it would be like to visit such idyllic surroundings. Let us take, dear Fashion Friends, an imaginary excursion to Martha’s Vineyard.

I can imagine, for example, enjoying a magnificent stay at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, Massachusetts. The Harbor View Hotel, which can trace its origins back to 1891, inaugurated its opening with a lavish party. The hotel’s owners decorated the standard rooms and porches with bright decorations. “The entire hotel,” Stanley Turkel writes, “was colorfully illuminated.” They hired the Fitchburg Band to play string quartets and dancing melodies for the evening’s festivity. The Harbor View Hotel, known as “the ‘Grande Dame’ of Martha Vineyard,” has an enchanting veranda. On the porch, the guests sit in rocking chairs end enjoy the wonders of Edgartown’s waterfront. “Natural beauty," according to Turkel, “is Martha’s Vineyard’s greatest asset: tall cliffs, pine woods and daisy meadows, ponds, shores and sparkling sea” (https://www.hotelnewsresource.com/article89116.html; see https://www.harborviewhotel.com)

In this dream, I imagine I am a fashion representative for Aleya Collections. The fashion show was a success, and I am now hosting an after-show reception at the Harbor View Hotel. Many of the hotel’s guests and the town’s elites are there to enjoy the festivities. They patiently wait in line at the buffet table to sample – among other things -- chicken wings and sautéed scallops. There is also a cash bar, where they can purchase excellent beers and wines. Many of them cannot help but wonder at one of our model’s remarkable sense of fashion. She wears this beautiful Cotton Striped Maxi Dress (as listed on the AC website. See photo below). They love how she arranged her hair, and her enchanting use of makeup. Her “smile is intoxicating. It lingers, it captivates my heart” (https://www.huffpost.com/entry/35-cute-love-quotes-for-h_b_11081070).

The dress, which has an eye-catching design pattern, is a delightful blend of yellow, pink, and white colors. It would go beautifully with this divine Oversized Boho Wool Poncho, also listed on the AC website (see photo below). Its exquisite shades of green, pink, and red make this an attractive piece of clothing.

Our other model is wearing this exquisite Elegant Green Midi Dress (listed on the AC website. See photos below). Her dash of pink lipstick does not clash with the attire’s green color. Neither does this Simple Style Silver Plated Bracelet nor Flower Stud Several Peach Blossoms Earring blemish the clothing’s delightful design (as listed on the AC website. See photos below).

Our final model is wearing this enchanting Plus Size Patterned Bohemian Summer Maxi Dress (as listed on the AC website. See photo below). For my AC blog, she has appeared as “Sophia” in my “Sophia and Ian” stories. I imagine her owning a boutique in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. In one of my stories, Sophia inadvertently finds herself on a humorous (and romantic) adventure to Sarnia, Ontario (see my blog post: https://aleyacollections.com/blogs/news/a-story-canadian-adventure). I find the model portraying “Sophia” enchanting. I hope you do, too.

Our models, who are enjoying themselves immensely, go around the room, answering questions about AC accessories and fashion. On their smartphones, they share with prospective buyers an assortment of fashion – from blouses to floral dresses, to formal gowns. They also suggest which gloves, jewelry, and scarves go with the chosen items. The Oversized Boho Wool Poncho is a big success. Does AC have other types of ponchos for sale? How about this enchanting Casual Spring Patterned Pullover Sweater (as listed on the AC website)? A group of hotel patrons is charmed by the bright colors. They love the cats (see photos below). Our models, eager to find out all they could about Martha’s Vineyard, ask questions about Edgartown and its many attractions. They love the Edgartown Bookstore’s exquisite porch (http://www.edgartownbooks.com/)

I hate to bring this imaginary visit to an end. I very much enjoyed the cocktails and pleasant conversation. I hope you did, too. I end this blog post on this amicable note: I hope your visit to www.aleyacollections.com was an enchanting one.


Gabe xoxo


Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

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June 07, 2020

Hi Gabe
This is a fantastic blog. The fashions are so upscale and classy yet informal. Very beautiful


June 04, 2020

What a wonderful blog post Gabe. I love that it’s in Martha’s Vineyard and at an after-party for a fashion show w models informal modeling . So refreshing .

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