October 27, 2019 3 min read

Dear Fashion Friends:

I love the autumn months. I enjoy the incredible array of orange, red, and yellow colors found in the leaves. And I love pumpkins. I bought one for five dollars the other day on campus. She proudly sits in my office. What should I name her? It should be Autumn-like. I am thinking of “Amber” or “Aurelia.” What do you think?

I also love visiting the Franklin Cider Mill in Franklin, Michigan. The Mill, dating back to 1918, was a seasonal venture, opening in August and closing in January. The Robert McKee family sold the Mill to Jack Peltz back in the mid-1960s. What I truly appreciate is that the Peltz family uses “apples grown in Michigan” to make their cider. The Mill, which continues to be a Peltz owned enterprise, also makes delightful donuts. My brother and I enjoy making a point to visit the Mill every year. The town of Franklin is quite enjoyable. I love the restaurants and shops, but I also enjoy the town’s many opportunities to do a wee bit of walking. The Mill’s website is www.franklincidermill.com.

What to wear on your visit to Franklin Cider Mill? How about this beautiful Patterned Asymmetrical Autumn Cardigan Pullover as listed on www.aleyacollections.com (see photos below)? The exquisite piece of attire, which AC offers in a stunning array of colors, works well with jeans and tank tops. Our model, who exhibits an enchanting personality, wears the cardigan beautifully. Her choice of accessories and makeup blend harmoniously with her outfit. It is like a Mozart concerto! I can see her wearing this cardigan at the Mill. Perhaps she and her boyfriend stop by for cider and donuts after spending an hour or two visiting Franklin’s many shops. As she enjoys the beauty around her, she is reminded of something Elizabeth Lawrence said: “Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”

Or how about this Long Sleeve Open Knit Acrylic Short Cardigan, as listed on www.aleyacollections.com (see photos below)? This lovely open knit sweater also works well with the jeans and tank tops. As always, our model wears this piece of clothing exquisitely. She has a captivating smile, and I am sure she would enjoy the wonderment of Franklin, Michigan. I am confident she would be enticed, for example, by the enthralling beauty of Kreger House, which dates to the late 19th century. It is an “excellent example of rural American architecture.” The Kreger House website is www.franklin-history.org/FHS-EAP-04-K0.html.

I can see our model wearing this cardigan at the Franklin Cider Mill. There, I can also imagine she and her good friend drinking apple cider on a park bench. In vivid detail, she hears her friend’s Canadian adventure (see previous blog post “A Story: Canadian Adventure”). The most romantic part of the tale was the scene on the bridge heading back to Port Huron. Our model is reminded of this Emmerson Grin quote which sums up her friend’s adventure with her boyfriend:

“I’ve fallen

in love with


so I begin to wonder,

if that’s why

I’ve fallen for you.”

A final note. I maintain a fashion blog through www.google.com. My latest blog post is about the model Rene Russo and the fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo. I called the piece “When Maria Met Rene.” You can find my piece by going to https://gabeaflie1234.blogspot.com/. I hope that you will take a moment to check it out.

I hope your visit to www.aleyacollections.com as an enchanting one.


Gabe xoxo

Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

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