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“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love” – Coco Chanel

“Fashion changes, but style endures” – Coco Chanel

Dear Fashion Friends:

Kacey Kells, who is from British Columbia, is a wonderful friend. I find her intellectually engaging and a warm-hearted soul. On Twitter, Kacey and I exchange tweets on fashion, travel, and personal stuff. Kacey has been a magnificent supporter of my fashion blog here on the www.aleyacollections.com website. I thank her for her kindness and warmth.

Kacey, who is the author of Kellcey (2017), is a feminist and human rights advocate. She utilizes her talents as a writer to address “what it” means “to be a victim of sexual assault and fight sexual violence.” She lives in England and studied economics and political science at the University of London. Kacey is also an avid book reviewer. Her commentary on classic and contemporary fiction are crisp and a joy to read. You can read her delightful reviews on her website: https://kaceykells.wixsite.com/kellcey. You will not be disappointed.

Kacey is also passionate about fashion. “Fashion,” Kacey writes, “is both a dream and a reality.” “Fashion,” Kacey further writes, “is life and freedom. It gives beauty a new sense… Fashion is a way to express yourself, to tell yourself and the world who you really are. Fashion isn’t just a way to charm people; it is first and foremost a way to assert yourself.” Amen, Kacey!!

Kacey’s favorite fashion brands include Burberry, Chanel, and Givenchy. She loves Chanel “for its elegance and chic, for its purity and timeless modernity … for its sophistication and sexiness.” She admires the Givenchy brand for “its casual chic and aristocratic elegance,” and the Fendi fashion line “for its creativity and style, its original cuts.” Last but not least, she loves the collection from www.aleyacollections.com. “Its outfits are causal and beautiful,” Kacey comments, “even gorgeous and can compete effectively with all major brands.”

I asked Kacey to choose three of her favorite dresses from the www.aleyacollections.com website, and write a brief thought or two about each item. Kacey took the extra mile and chose nine pieces of clothing to comment on for this blog post. I was not sure if I would use all nine selections. I was so impressed by her choices, however, that I decided to post all of them. Here they are:

Kacey’s first choice is this OFF-SHOULDER LINEN BOHO DRESS as listed on the AC website (see the photo below). I can see why Kacey chose it. The bow strap around the waist is quite adorable. Its off the shoulder design is stunning. Kacey provides this beautiful observation about this dress: “White symbolizes purity and wellbeing.” On a more personal note, Kacey concludes: “I personally like short and mini dresses when I feel good; paradoxically, it makes me feel confident… like: happy to be alive!”

Her next choice from the AC website is this HAND KNITTED DRESS (see photo below). “Warm and ‘sexy’ Looove it! + the stockings.” I could not agree more, Kacey. It is a beautiful selection. I also adore the skirt’s colorful design pattern. Like a quilt. And the colors! An impressive array of brown, and green, and orange, and purple, and yellow. Perfect!

How about this STYLISH FLORAL SUMMER DRESS? (See photo below.) I am not surprised that Kacey picked this dress. It fits her personality: warm and sweet. The colors are bright and happy. And it provoked for Kacey some happy thoughts: “My dress is blowing in the wind,” Kacey writes, “the Summer sun is bright, hot; I stroll hand in hand on the immense fine sand beach, happy to be here, with my boyfriend.”

Kacy’s next choice is this KNITTED COTTON GREY DRESS (see photo below). She describes it as “casual and classy.” A beautiful selection, dear freind. A great addition to AC’s floral design collection. Kacey ends her comment on a humorous note: “Mom won’t even be tempted to scold me.”

I love Kacey’s fifth choice is this SPECTACULAR TWO-PIECE SUIT (see photo below). “I like this kind of outfit,” Kacey happily writes, “and the castle too (is it Buckingham Palace?). This woman could be a Royal Princess!?” A good question, Kacey. I can see Kate Middleton wearing this outfit. What do you think, Kacey?

This ELEGANT WHITE SUMMER DRESS is another fabulous piece selected by Kacey (see photo below). "Dream of vacation in Italy or the French Riviera. Exudes a feeling of lightness and freedom.”

The BOHO LINEN JUMPSUIT is “casual and comfortable,” according to Kacey (see photo below). I agree. The AC website describes the attire as “elegant and cozy”; made from linen material, this jumpsuit comes with easy to adjust straps and brass rings. The “trousers fit tight on hips and flow freely on the bottom.”

Her next choice is this HAND PAINTED YELLOW SARONG (see photo below). “I love wearing a Sarong! At home, at the beach… I feel beautiful and free.”

Kacey’s final selection is FLORAL CHIFFON SUMMER DRESS (see photo below). “What can I say? I just love it!!!”

Kacey is a beautiful person. Many thanks for sharing her fashion and personal thoughts with me for this blog post. Finally, I want to thank Kacey for the great Coco Chanel quotes (see the top page) and for taking the time to select the photos for this blog post. You can find my full interview with Kacey on her blog: https://kaceykells.wixsite.com/kellcey/single-post/2020/04/14/Answers-to-Gabriel-Kikas-for-his-fashion-blog. I conclude with a delightful note from Kacey on fashion: “When you see a dress, you want to wear it… I love this feeling!!! A beautiful attire is something that feeds your dreams …” Thanks, Kacey xoxo

I hope your visit to www.aleaycollections.com was an enchanting one.


Gabe xoxo

Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

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Jeffrey Arendt
Jeffrey Arendt

April 28, 2020

Awesome blog/article…shared it with Laura. Thanks, Gabe.

Ilene Goff Kaufmann
Ilene Goff Kaufmann

April 16, 2020

Such a cute, refreshing way to showcase a clothing line! And the outfits that Ms Kells chose are delightful, as is she .Best wishes to you both! I enjoyed Kacey’s take on fashion!! Bravo!!💞

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