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Dear Fashion Friend:

Something lovely from The website lists it as: “Backless V-Neck Sleeveless Lace Dress.” Isn’t it beautiful? The lace is exquisite! The setting is enchanting! I enjoy very much on-location fashion photos. It provides for the opportunity for storytelling like we have seen in the artwork of Jean H. Fragonard, Nina Hardy, Ferdinand Toussaint.

Perhaps our model has received a LOVE LETTER from her beloved on her smartphone! Love Letters are enchanting, are they not? Phrases like “my love” or “sweetheart” appear over and over on the pages! Invariably, there comes that bittersweet moment when the letter comes to an end. All that there is left at the end of the page is the customary “xoxo” We can reread the letter, but it does not come along with the rapid heartbeat we experience when reading the message for the first time!

We are in suspense as to how she will respond!

I hope your visit to is an enchanting one! xoxo



Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

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Steven Miller
Steven Miller

December 08, 2018

Nicely said & all lovely.

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