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Dear Fashion Friend:

I went to a friend’s wedding some time ago. I had a lovely time. I remembered quite well the great food and wine, and, most of all, the beautiful friends at the reception. I was always a bit shy, so I was enthralled when Krissy – one of the bride’s best friends -- came up to my table and asked me to dance. Krissy, who has a delightful smile, wore a beautiful bridesmaid gown. She arranged her hair beautifully, and she had on just the perfect amount of makeup. Krissy, who is a lovely and elegant young lady, was charming. Lovely Recollections!

I am sure that Krissy would love this floral cocktail dress from Its delicate floral design is captivating. The flower pattern, resting on thin fabric around the shoulders, is an attractive arrangement of blue, pink, and purple colors. Speaking of lovely recollections, I began to wonder about the cocktail dress and its place in fashion. I did some research, and I found this rather cool website called They observed that “a cocktail dress” can be defined as “a short dress that is suitable for formal occasions" (Dictionary quote found in Fashionista). Jean Arthur, who was in a movie called The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936), amusedly observed that cocktail dresses are “something to spill cocktails on" (Jean Arthur quote found in Fashionista). Fashionista further talked about how the “cocktail hour,” which lasted from 6:00 p.m. to 8 p.m., would make “the cocktail dress a necessary factor in a woman’s transition between day and night.” “The cocktail dress,” Fashionista also noted, is “a woman’s go-to garment for occasions that call a bit for formality while also letting us be free to let loose.” For more, read Fashionista’s website: You will not be disappointed!

I can see our model wearing this cocktail dress for one of her dinner parties. She greets each of her guests with a gentle hug and a warm smile. She values her friends, and always takes time to ascertain how they are doing. Each friend, each word, each sentiment, for our model, are part of life’s great intangibles, a treasure trove of recollections. “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship,” observed Lucius Annaeus Seneca, “is to understand and to be understood.”

I hope your visit to is an enchanting one!


Gabe xoxo

Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

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