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Dear Fashion Friends:

I just finished the academic year. I was exhausted from grading papers, preparing lectures, and answering emails. I looked forward to spending some time reading and writing fashion blog posts— an excellent way to spend the summer months.

One weekend, I went to Port Austin, which is in the “Thumb” region of Michigan. After I got through the hurly-burly of Port Huron, my drive to Port Austin was lovely. On M-25, I enjoyed the scenic beauty of Lake Huron. After stopping for some coffee in Port Sanilac, I made my final push to my destination.

I stayed at Port Austin’s Garfield Inn. While I was in Port Sanilac, I took out my smartphone and looked up the Inn’s history. Charles G. Learned, who made a bundle in lumber, was one of the earlier owners of this enchanting home. He and Maria Raymond – his spouse -- lived in this Port Austin dwelling all their lives. James A. Garfield, who was Learned’s good friend, “was a frequent guest throughout the 1860s.” Jonas Learned – their son – resided there for many years after his parents’ death. In 1931, Port Austin’s Mr. Mayes bought the premises, and turned the home into an Inn. “The current owners devote themselves,” according to the Inn’s website, “to maintaining The Garfield Inn’s history and providing guests with a warm, friendly atmosphere and a comfortable stay near beautiful Lake Huron” ( and After I checked in, I took a nap before heading out for supper.

I went to the Bank for my dinner. The Bank, which started as the Winsor Snover Bank many years ago, was now an excellent spot for prime rib and grilled salmon (See After I ordered my dinner, I sat back and enjoyed the ambiance. Suddenly, this enchanting young lady and her beloved came in. She was wearing this Heavy Silk Ruffle Trousers (as listed on See photos below).

I was captivated by her exquisiteness. She wore her hair short, and she had enough makeup to highlight her beauty. She wore the trousers with a white turtleneck. Excellent choice, I thought. To complete the outfit, however, she should wear a scarf. I had the perfect scarf in mind. This Leaf Print Multi-Use Stylish Scarf, as listed on, has a heavenly blend of green and orange colors (see photo below).

She smiled when she saw her friend at one of the tables. She approached her friend and gave her a kiss and a gentle hug. She told her friend how much she loved her White V Neck Backless Adjustable Straps Jumpsuit (as listed on the website. See photos below. While the v-neck design accentuated her loveliness, I was surprised that her friend was not wearing any jewelry.

If I were her fashion consultant, I would recommend this Handmade Fashion Daisy Flower Stud Earrings and Vintage Natural Shells Pendant Necklaceto wear (both as listed on the website. See photos below).

As their husbands talked about their upcoming fishing trip, the two young ladies discussed their plans to visit the Farmers Market in Port Austin. Right call, I thought. I have been there several times, and I love their vast selection of produce (see They asked each other about Sophia and Ian, who would join the group momentarily (my latest Sophia and Ian story is

My dinner of prime rib arrived. I ordered another beer. As I was about to start, this lovely woman entered the dining room. She has to be Sophia, I mused. She looked delightful wearing this Black and White Striped Blouse (as listed on the website. See photos below). She certainly knows something about fashion, I pondered. She coordinated her choice of accessories and applied her makeup wonderfully. Where have I seen before, I thought. She looked familiar. Then I remembered. Last summer, I was in Caseville. I went down to the beach to think about my next fashion blog post. As I sat, I saw her finishing her swim. She looked pensive. It was evident that she had something on her mind (see my story Now, she looked happy and radiant. A moment later, her boyfriend, Ian, came into the dining room.

The hostess asks her if they had a reservation. Before they answered, they found their friends already sitting at their table. They greeted each other with a gentle hug and a kiss. They sat down to enjoy a delicious meal of French onion soup and grilled salmon.

After dinner, I decided to go for a walk. I thought of many things – the Learned family, beauty, fashion, and, best of all, friendship. As I headed to the pier, I thought of this quote: “Many people will walk in and out of your life,” Eleanor Roosevelt said, “but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart” (

I hope your visit to was an enchanting one.



P.S. This blog post was a work of fiction

Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

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