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Dear Fashion Friends:

Sophia's staff spent the early morning hours unloading the new shipment from, while she made her daily calls to fashion designers. All-day, Sophia helped customers choose Labor Day attire from a diverse inventory of dresses, rompers, and tops.

A young woman arrived in the store wearing this stunning BLUE PLAID STRIPE CUT OUT BACK BOW MIDI SUNDRESS. Sophia welcomed the young lady (named Zoe) to the store and asked her how she can help. She wanted to find bohemian accessories to go with her “Free Spirit” outfits. Sophia recommended this delightful RECTANGULAR METAL BAR ARROW ENGRAVED STRETCH BRACELET, this enchanting BEADED NECKLACE, and an exquisite pair of METAL BEAD SUEDE TASSEL DROP EARRINGS to go with her outfits (see photos below). Zoe loved the choices. As Sophia totaled up her bill, she found out that Zoe would be spending some time in Port Austin with friends who own a condominium there. Sophia recommended that they visit the Bank Restaurant for dinner.

Ian came by for a quick lunch of tuna fish, baked chips, and Diet Coke. Sophia and Ian talked about their upcoming Labor Day trip. She never forgot how Ian inadvertently took her to Sarnia, Ontario, when they planned to visit Lexington. This time, she would have her passport ready in case they end up in Canada again. Her beloved still blushes from their unexpected excursion. As Sophia teased him, Ian smiled, kissed her, and said he would pick her up for dinner at seven in the evening.

A young woman came into the store wearing a delightful SOLID KNIT TOP. Sophia, who loves to hobnob with her customers, found her outfit enchanting.  Its light pink shade blended beautifully with the young lady’s choice of makeup. After some more informal talk, Sophia found out her name was Claudette and that she was looking for something semi-formal for a dinner party. Sophia suggested this gorgeous WRAP SURPLICE POLKA DOTS SPAGHETTI STRAP ROMPER. Claudette, who fell in love with the polka dot pattern, asked if she could try it. Sophia escorted her to one of the dressing rooms. When Claudette came out, Sophia was taken by how beautiful she looked.  Claudette thanked her and asked to look at some jewelry to go with the attire. After looking around, she decided to purchase this CUTE CORAL LEAF PENDANT NECKLACE  (see photos below). Claudette thanked Sophia for her help. She said that she would come again soon.

As her employees managed the store, Sophia retreated to her office to take care of some paperwork. She found on her smartphone a message from Ian’s sister. She was looking for something semi-formal to wear to a friend’s upcoming wedding. Sophia knew that Liza was into bodycon outfits with soft colors like purple and pink. Sophia texted Liza and told her that she had the very thing for her. She sent her a few photos of this delightful CRISSCROSS DOUBLE SPAGHETTI DRESS. Liza, who fell in love with its V-neck and crisscross back features, thanked Sophia and asked her to set the dress aside.

Sophia was at the front desk, going over some bills with one of her employees. A young woman entered the store wearing a lovely SHORT SLEEVE FRONT TIE BUTTON-DOWN COLOR BLOCK KNIT TOP. Sophia greeted her and inquired how she can be of service. Candace said that she is hosting a dinner party this coming Saturday and has nothing to wear. Could she help her find something that is simple but elegant? After asking her a few rudimentary questions, Sophia showed Candace her store’s diverse collection of dresses and rompers.  After spending some time trying on several dresses, Candace went for this exquisite SLEEVELESS DEEP ROUND V-SHAPE NECK HEAVY RIB MINI DRESS. She loved that it was a mini and thought it would go well with this FASHION RAINBOW NATURAL SHOPPER BAG she saw at the store window (see photos below). 

It was almost 7:00 p.m. when Candace left. Sophia and her staff did a quick run on the inventory and placed the cash box in the office’s Safe Box.  As she completed her tasks, Sophia looked forward to some quality time with her beloved. 

I hope your visit to was an enchanting one.


Gabe xoxo

P.S. This blog post is a work of fiction. I highlighted the title names of accessories and clothing found at  in italics. 

Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

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