January 06, 2020 2 min read

Dear Fashion Friends:

I apologize for the long absence; lots of things are going on at work and home. I want to say how much I missed all of you these past few months. I love writing for this blog, and I look forward to sharing my favorite fashion suggestions with you throughout 2020!

I start with fashion ideas for St. Valentine’s Day. How about this lovely KNITTED LOOSE SWEATER, as listed on the www.aleyacollections.com website (see photos below)? This sweater, made from wool, comes in the captivating colors of grey and purple. The turtleneck feature, as you will find dear fashion friends, is cute and comfy. While our model looks quite exquisite, I am not sure the leather pants go with this piece of attire on St. Valentine’s Day. Instead, I suggest denim jeans or a red plaid pencil skirt for the occasion.

I love to visit antique shops. "Every vintage item," as Hannah Stanton once quoted in her book Style, Stich Staple, "has its own story." Take the bike found in the display (see the photos below). What is its story? It appears the bike has found a new caretaker. Our enchanting model, who is wearing an exquisite STREETWEAR CARDIGAN JUMPER SWEATER from the lovely world of www.aleyacollections.com, found something intangible from the past. Perhaps she is purchasing the bike for her beloved for St. Valentine's Day.

Our model, who is wearing this CASUAL WARM CASHMERE PULLOVER JERSEY as listed on the www.aleyacollections.com website (see photo below), looks like she is going on her first St. Valentine’s Day date with her beloved. Perhaps they are going for pizza at https://www.gspizzeria.com/our-story.html in Bay City (Michigan), followed by a St. Valentine’s Day party with friends. I close with this Thomas Merton quote epitomizing February 14th: “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another” (https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/403866-love-is-our-true-destiny-we-do-not-find-the_)

I hope that your visit to www.aleyacollections.com was an enchanting one.


Gabriel xoxo

Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

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